Derazhnya Takes 3rd Place in Regional Competition

by Marina Lamay

There are many competitions in Ukraine which help people to open their ability in different spheres of life like KVN ( the competition where the team can show something in a funny way) or other different social competitions . One of these competitions is The Tournament of Profession , which was founded this year. One of the most difficult issues young people face – a career choice. Of course, there are people who at the age of six “know” what they want to be : doctors or pilots, policemen or firefighters, but most of us do not find time to make a decision about the choice of profession. So The Center of Employment decided to help young people to choose their future jobs organizing such a competition.

  Students from the 11th from pose with their certificates and head teachers, Valentina Demetrivna.

This is a competition where the children have to show the most useful and needed job in Ukraine which has become less popular recently because of different reasons. The competition consist of 4 parts : The presentation (in this part the teams have to present themselves), the competition between captains (in this part the team leader is given something and has to say in what job it can be used) , “The profession of past, these days and future”(in this part competitors have to show the job which is very important in the life of Ukrainian people) and the last but not least – “The musical competition” , where the teams have to sing something about different professions using different jokes and funny phrases. The main task of teams is to prove that the job chosen by them is very necessary and important in their country.

The pupils of our school took part in this Tournament, where we recently won the third place in the Khmelnitsky region. Their team’s name was “220 V”. They presented the job of electrician. There was a fierce struggle (competition) was between 10 teams, which were well-prepared. Nevertheless our team has become a prize-winner . The team was given a big cake, flash drive and every member of team received medal . The victory of our pupils is a big merit of its teachers Valentina Dmitrovna and Galina Micolaivna who helped them in preparation. The performance of each competitor was distinguished by interesting ideas, unordinary performers or genuine jokes . Delighted and cheerful faces of spectators said that is was successful celebration. Everybody worried about his favorite team. The competition was judged by the professional jury which consisted of 6 jurors . To be honest the criterions of competition were hard but all teams could do it successfully. I hope that additional knowledge about different jobs acquired by participants and spectators in such a funny way during the performance would help them in their future lives and it would be beautiful if this tournament would become a tradition.

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Learning English in Derazhnya

by Lilia Moroze

There are lots of different groups in our school and one of them is the club of lovers of foreign languages, “Oxford”. English Club “Oxford” was created the second of January 2000 by pupils of our school. The head of our club is the President, who is elected by the members of the club. There is the secretary also. The secretary does all written work. Members of our club can be students from 5th to 11th form, which want to improve their knowledge of English and just spend a good time.

Oxford students at an American themed holiday party, making their first ever gingerbread houses

Lessons are held in our club twice a week. In the classes we with Miss Becky ( volunteer from the USA ) watch videos, read articles from newspapers and discuss them. Best of all I like when we speak purely English. Very often the members of the club organized parties in English. At these parties we read poems of famous English writers, sing songs and hold various competitions. Since 2010 when Miss Becky arrived, we began to communicate with students who live in the USA.

I think the work of “Oxford” is useful for our school. Coming to the lessons we receive good opportunity to improve our English without spending money. It is important for us, because for other private lessons we must pay money. Thanks to English club, we have lots of foreign friends. To my mind, the creation of “Oxford” is one of the best ideas of our school.

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Caring for the Climate

by Tanya Mular

We live in a country of the third world and I’m sure that everyone can guess that we have many threats to the environment. First, and most importantly our problem is the catastrophe on the Chornobyl’ atomic electric station. There was a large radioactive emission. Many people died and many diseased. Second, it is a problem with recycling rubbish because we have only one factory which can do it. Imagine, only one factory when other countries have hundreds of them. Third, is polluted water. Ukraine has 25 areas and almost all of them have serious problems with water. And our last problem, is air pollution. We have no eco – friendly cars and Ukrainian factories pollute air by harmful substances.

Nowadays, most of us know that these threats exist and that humans have caused them. Many of us are very worried about the future of our planet. What does protecting the environment mean to you? Protecting the environment means not leaving a large ecological footprint on the earth. Some people spend their whole lives making sure not to pollute and ruin the earth, others want to commit to a few daily routines that will protect our environment.

What about future? I don’t think that it will be very good because there are in the world many green – people and, unfortunately there are people who don’t care about nature. As you can predict – all threats to the environment will continue. As a result, people will suffer from different illnesses because of polluted air, water and soil. With time the supplies of minerals will make off and probably wars will begin. It all sounds so depressing – but we certainly mustn’t despair! Every one of us, whatever age we are can do something to help slow down and reverse some of the damage.

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Food: Borsch

by Olya Didur

Borsch. Borsch is very delicious and old dish. Ukrainians often prepare very delicious Borsch. Children and adults like Borsch. Always foreigners must eat Ukrainian Borsch.

Makes quite a Borsch – around 8 servings:

1 cup carrots

2 cup beets

1 cup shredded cabbage

2 medium onions finely chopped (chop each onion separate from the other)

2 tbsp. cooking oil

2 bay leaves

6 1|2 cups water

2 tbsp. cups tomato juice

1 tbsp. lemon juice

3 tbsp. corn starch

dill, parsley, salt and pepper to taste

Top with sour cream

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Food: Varenky

by Olya Didur

Varenyky. Ukraine`s National Dish. A king of stuffed dumpling associated with Ukrainian cuisine. Ukrainians do not often prepare Varenyky, because it takes time. Children and adults like Varenyky, because it’s very delicious. Always foreigners must eat Ukrainian Varenyky.

 Makes quite the Varenyky of potatoes – around 8 servings: Make small pockets with the dough and then fill with potato mixture. Put in boiling water until they float.

 You need:

3 cups (350 g) flour

3 tbsp sour cream

1|2 teaspoon salt

1|2 teaspoon baking soda

100 ml (1|2 cups) water

For the filling:

5-6 small potatoes (500 g)

2 onions

70-100 g butter



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Sports in Ukraine

by Kate Petrenko

Sport is very popular and very important for Ukrainians people. Sport help us to better our health. Ukraine has many famous sportsmen: Klitschko brothers in boxing, Shevchenko in football, Podkopayeva in gymnastics, Klochkova in swimming and other.

The Derazhnya volleyball team.

The most popular sort of sports such us: volleyball, football, basketball, swimming, gymnastics and wrestling.We alsoproducemanyannualsporting events. Every year we have competition in other sport: volleyball – for boys and girls, football – for boys. We have many competitions in athletics too. To my mind sport is part of life almost every for resident in our town.

Derazhnya’s School Number 3 is unique for sports. Every year our school has exsisted, 25 years, we have Sport Olympiad Champions. We have won the national competition six times, and as a prize, our students were sent to the international camp, ARTEK.

This year, our school has won all its competitions, including Kozatcki Hart and Start of Hope, a competition for younger pupils.

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